Turner Plastic Innovations, Inc. was formed in 1998 by James and
Jackie Turner. It is a privately owned company that services the
packaging industry in providing on-time/quality custom decorating. At
T.P.I., we pride ourselves on innovation and being a leader in custom
decorating, specializing in “heat transfer” decoration. From our “Heat
Transfer” origin, we have grown into a full service line dedicated at
meeting both decorating and specialty packaging needs.


To better meet our customer’s needs, in 2002 Concept Machine &
Design, Inc. was formed. This separate company, also owned by James
and Jackie Turner, focus’ primarily on the growing line of business they
have for plastic labeling equipment sales and service. Concept Machine
& Design had a key role in the manufacturing of the heat transfer
labeling equipment that is used to label the Folger’s Plastic Container.
This container was awarded the DuPont award for innovation in


As you can see Turner Plastic Innovations, Inc. is ready to take on any
labeling challenge.